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Julian worked for the French government for 25 years as a dog trainer in high-level security. He perfected his skills by competing in exhibitions for certified working dogs.

Constant contact with injured dogs brought him slowly back to his gift for healing with natural magnestism. After seeing the results and the potential of his healing abilities, Julian decided to perfect his skills. He took classes in the Curative Magnetism process through an approach based on scientific measurements with a reputed French specialist, Arnaud Richard De Chicourt. 

Julian combined this knowledge and his experience with his own research about the spiritual and emotional impact of Curative Magnetism on health and well being. 
After meeting Genny, who was already working as an emotion-based healer and fasciatherapist, he decided to dedicate himself full-time to healing, helping to recover health and comfort with immediate results.


Genny has been a rider since childhood. She spent 10 years training and competing in the field of jumping. After an accident that put her health at risk, she discovered fasciatherapy and recovered the use of her right leg. This recovery prompted her to attend Jean Jacques Hantraye's class and become a qualified fasciatherapist. She started healing people and horses while studying Communication and Marketing at the University of Dijon in Burgundy, France. 
During a session of therapy, her ability to understand the root cause of health issues became obvious. She was able to understand the precise origin of pain and diseases and receive precise information, including relevant details to help establish a diagnosis. Intuitive Communication quickly appeared as a method of solving problems of all kind, including behavior problems on animals.

​​Genny created her own company in 2017 to provide her services and quickly associated with French chiropractors and doctors to help with difficult diagnoses. Her association with Julian expanded her specialization and created a new approach in her work. Together as a team, Genny and Julian were able to provide a large range of complementary services. See the pictures here under, before and after treatments.